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Full Service Bookkeeping

That's the technical term in any case... in reality, it's so much more than just data entry, payroll, financial reporting and the like. It's peace of mind, it's the reassurance of knowing that someone with almost 20 years of experience is keeping your books in order. My favorite part? It's having "financial reports" translated into language you can understand, so that you can SEE the story your money is telling you about your business.  

(Apologies, the site is still being updated, if you are interested in my bookkeeping services, please fill out the contact form below, and I will get back to you within 24 business hours)

Anti-Capitalist Business Strategy

It's sort of like business coaching... but without the bullshit so prevalent in the "Coaching Industrial Complex", and actively working against the standards set forth by Late Stage Capitalism - in other words, we want you to prosper, but not at the cost of your soul! My focus is on helping you build your business based on what works for YOU, so that you can achieve sustainable long term success (as defined by you).

(I'm not currently taking new clients, but will be soon - contact me to get on the interest list)

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About Me (the short version)

illustrated rendition of Heidi, head in hand, holding a cup of tea in the other

Born and raised in (far) Northern California, I've had the benefit of being involved in small business practically from birth - my dad was self-employed, my mom soon followed, and I started my first business when I was still in my teens (making and selling jewelery).

In my early 20's, I became what I called an "Accidental Bookkeeper" - it was never my intention to do bookkeeping professionally, but I sort of fell into it, found out I was really good at it, and fell in love with the ways bookkeeping can support the development of a *sustainable* business.

By my mid-20's, I was growing restless with bookkeeping, and started to delve into the world of coaching - both life and business. I explored a number of coaching programs, before ultimately becoming certified by Barbara Sher (frequently referred to as the Godmother of Life Coaching) in 2015.

In the meantime, I gave birth to two adorable (and incredibly high energy) boys, and discovered the challenges of raising kids while building and running a business... and at the same time, started to realize just how much capitalism not only participates in, but actively encourages, all the 'isms that are so rampant in the world (not to mention the destruction of our planet).

So in 2018, I decided I had to take a break from business coaching - I couldn't in good conscious participate in the building of more businesses until I had at least SOME idea of how to do so without continuing to perpetuate the ills of Late Stage Capitalism. (I've continued with bookkeeping, as a means of both supporting businesses I respect and believe in, and you know... paying the bills!)

Since then, I've also been learning and absorbing Anti-Capitalist strategies and ideals... which isn't to say I'm perfect, or an expert, but I certainly feel much more confident in the possibility of building "Anti-Capitalist" businesses that support the people running them, the communities they engage with, and the environment that we all rely  on.

As with everything, I'm a work in progress... but these days, it feels good to be putting my progress to work in benefit to my community.


(Illustration by Ray Cornwell)