Work with me


You are ready to be supported in this work.

You need to make a difference in the world… but you also need to make a living, and you're not quite sure how to do both.

You're open to new ideas, but you refuse to pretend to be something you're not.

You aren’t afraid to work harder and smarter.

You're tired of struggling and worrying that you aren't good enough.


I am ready to be your guide in this work.

I'm fired up by helping entrepreneurial parents do work that supports every aspect of their lives.

I love changing the stories that hold you back.

I believe a thriving business starts with understanding yourself and what you need to thrive.

I realize success is meaningless if you sacrifice the things that are most important to you to get it.


Together, we'll work practical and tangible magic.

I would say that "together, it’s magic," but it’s so much better than magic! We won’t be burning candles, visualizing, or praying for free-range success.

We'll work with practical & tangible business skill sets. What we create will be carefully crafted and constantly tested.

And it's exponentially less likely to release a horde of goblins on the unsuspecting populous.

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Into the Alembic

An alchemical journey to distill the essence of you, your calling, and your business. Just like creating the perfect blend of essential oils, we'll cook up a recipe tailor-made for you and your goals. Because "one size fits all" formulas are just like "one size fits all" clothes - they really don't work for anyone.

Duration: 3 months
Price: $4600

Whip It!

Not all problems need ages to fix. Sometimes you just need a quick shot of momentum to propel you and your business forward. (No actual whipping involved, think Roller Derby, not Dominatrix... that costs extra.)

Duration: 75 minutes
Price: $250