What clients have said

It has been my incredible honor to work and play with some amazing people. Here’s what some of them had to say.


While working with Heidi, I’ve been impressed by how helpful it’s been to talk through what’s going on and to be gently pushed towards making concrete commitments to myself. I found myself able to move forward on my new website, which I was very stuck on.

The gentle and personal accountability is very powerful. Heidi gave me the space to reflect on what’s going on with me, while asking the right questions to get me thinking in more useful directions.

Juliet Kemp
Freelance Writer & Fiction Author, Twisting Vines

My main concern before working with Heidi was not being sure I would make a good connection with a coach. I was nervous that I wouldn’t like or would be intimidated by this ‘unknown person’.

I was dealing with big frustration; feelings of failure and unworthiness because of my lack of performance as a musician. I needed some clarity on deciding which action steps to take and wanted help making progress. At the same time, I wanted and needed to spend some time with my emotional blocks.

Heidi’s coaching was extremely helpful. I loved working with her. She was extremely confident (in a very good way) and our sessions had a very supportive vibe. I felt challenged and pushed by our sessions, which helped me turn around some monster fears and judgments into something really helpful.

I learned how valuable it is to voice my doubts out loud and seeing what can come from that. Heidi is incredibly helpful with her advice and together we came up with a plan that I really, really loved!

Heidi is definitely great with people who have issues with clarity. I would recommend her to anyone who has a million things going on, but is undecided about what course of action to take or what to prioritize in their lives.

Diane Schilling

Initially I wanted help finding the lighter, more playful and fun Amy. What I found with Heidi was an amazing story about dark and light, self-sacrifice and many old, stuck patterns. Together, we also found a vast system of protection and safety that I often forget to invoke. Heidi’s promptings helped me dig and find them.

Heidi is insightful and has a firm grasp of coaching. At the end of our sessions, I felt clearer and able to see and imagine a lighter me. Heidi helped me find the fragile parts of self and start a conversation that will lead to deep healing and lightness.

Amy Goetz
Healer, Shaman, Teacher, & Faery Translator, Barefoot Phoenix

I wasn’t sure if my problems and challenges were appropriate for coaching. I was trying to move out of ‘survival mode’ in my business.  I hoped to shift to a more prosperous mode, one where I didn’t just make enough to survive month to month, but one where the business would become more sustainable and nourishing to me both financially and emotionally.

Heidi was very helpful in looking at the bigger picture. She helped me see things in larger terms such as systems and approaches, whereas previously I had only really had short term goals with no overarching narrative to connect them. Heidi’s coaching gave me new perspectives and skills that I was able to carry forward on my own. I feel as if I have been given useful tools and gained some independence.

Heidi helped me recognize that my previous business model was not sustainable because there was no room for rest. There was a magical moment when suddenly I was just less afraid and started interacting with my business in ways that had intimidated me before. Working with her, there was a shift from almost complete avoidance to even some enjoyment when focusing on my business.

Heidi helped me feel safe, despite the fact that overcoming anxiety and uncertainty are challenges for me.  I believe she would be very successful working with others who share those challenges.   Working with her, I felt more empowered and comfortable branching out.

Lindsay Tolton