The Telerumpus is a monthly gathering via phone, wherein we explore specific areas of business-building.

We'll be tearing down old paradigms and discovering new ways to build wildly coherent* structures that support making money WHILE doing good in the world.


Every call is different, but there are certain things they all have in common;

  • We start with the assumption that you are perfectly capable. You’re not an idiot, you’re not “broken”, and I won’t ever talk to you like you are.
  • The focus is on tangible, hands-on tools that you can put into practice right away. There’s no point in you listening if you aren’t going to get information you can use.
  • I will never, ever suggest that you use crummy sleazy business practices, nor will I use crummy sleazy practices to try to sell you on anything. Because yuck.
  • I will also never suggest that you need to be anything or anyone other than who you are, in all your wild glory. I love your wonderful wild glory just the way it is, and so will your right people.

Each call costs $27 and lasts approximately 90 minutes (including Q&A time).

You'll also receive a recording of the call + an invite to a private forum for after-the-fact Q&A ('cause as an introvert, I know how common it is to need to process & percolate before the really good questions bubble up to the surface!)


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A well-named product practically sells itself, while a poorly-named one sits on the virtual shelf gathering dust.

In this Telerumpus, we'll explore the value of a powerful name, the importance of clarity over cleverness (and when to be clever anyway), and - most importantly - how to come up with names that resonate with you + your Right People.

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