Episode 01: Pamela Slim

Business Coach, Speaker, Author of Escape From Cubicle Nationand Body of Work: Finding the Thread That Ties Your Story Together, and founder of K'é, home of the Main Street Learning Lab in Downtown Mesa, AZ

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Pamela Slim was one of the first business coaches I ever worked with, starting back in 2010 when I blew up my bookkeeping business and started on the path that eventually led me to my own business coaching career.

She's been a pivotal figure in my business development, and I'm honored to share her wisdom and insight with you.

In this interview, we discussed the importance of community, the possibilities that open up when you approach business with a collaborative / "eco system" view (rather than the traditionally competitive approach), and the financial benefits (and challenges) of building your own business.

About the Series

One of the less-obvious challenges of building a thriving, sustainable business that ALSO makes the world a better place, is believing that it's even possible.

That's why I'm gathering together some of the most wonderful and amazing entrepreneurs I know - seriously Badass Bleeding Hearts - to share stories of their own business building journeys, so that you can see just how wonderfully possible it really is (and that everyone struggles, not just you).

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