Episode 05: Lindsay Byron

Author, Feminist, Women's Retreat Facilitator, more famously known as "LuxATL, Pole Dancer with a PhD"

I first had the pleasure of listening to Lindsay speak at an event hosted by Rachel Rodgers... and let me tell you, she took my damn breath away. Her "sermon" (as she calls it, and rightly so) calls out the story our culture tells us, from a VERY young age, that being a woman is just about the worst thing you can be.

Certainly the least valuable or worthyShe's here to call bullshit on that story, to call out the power and beauty and the incredible worth of women. She's here to celebrate us.

So while she may be known far and wide as the "pole dancer with a PhD", Lindsay is so much more. She is a powerhouse of cultural critique, a bastion of hope and a woman who will you bring you to your knees with a raw honesty that gives you permission to claim ALL of who you are, scars included.

When I came up with the idea for this series, I knew that I wanted to interview Lindsay, because her story is absolutely fascinating - a small town Texan who climbed the tiers of academia, only to "throw it all away" to return to stripping when she realized how false the ivory tower promises had been... and who, in doing so, found her calling, touching the lives of hundreds of women (and making damn good money in the meantime).

In this interview, you'll get a behind-the-scenes peek at how Lindsay built her business - going from academic to stripper to feminist powerhouse leading luxury retreats. Along the way we discuss the importance of community, embracing the VALUE of your work, and getting support in your business.

(Head's up, this one has a wee bit of swearing... though not nearly as much as Fabeku - he's hard to top 😉 )

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About the Series

One of the less-obvious challenges of building a thriving, sustainable business that ALSO makes the world a better place, is believing that it's even possible.

That's why I'm gathering together some of the most wonderful and amazing entrepreneurs I know - seriously Badass Bleeding Hearts - to share stories of their own business building journeys, so that you can see just how wonderfully possible it really is (and that everyone struggles, not just you).

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