Episode 04: Fabeku Fatunmise

Business awesomizer. Suck exorcist. Sonic alchemist. Teacher of Wizards.

I've been following Fabeku for about 7 years, and first worked with him about 6 years ago.

(It took a while to figure out exactly what the hell it is that he does ???? but I stuck around to figure it out, 'cause what he was saying resonated like wild with me - which is a good lesson in the value of long-term relationships with your audience!)

Since then, he's become one of the very few business-coach-type people that I still listen to and take advice from - because he's an absolutely-no-bullshit kinda guy who teaches effective business-building that doesn't rely on gimmicks, manipulation, or subterfuge. And he walks his talk 1000%

In our conversation we talked about showing up fully as yourself, why you absolutely MUST market if you're going to build a business, why you definitely DON'T want to market like an insurance salesman at a steak dinner, and the importance of tenacity. We also talked introversion, sustainable business, and the bullshit that is Business Blueprint Programs.

Final note; I know "parents" aren't supposed to have favorites​​, but this baby is ABSOLUTELY one of my favorites of the interview series (so far at least). Fabeku pulls no punches and won't sugar coat the challenges of building a business... but he also has a TON of useful, effective, wildly liberating advice on how to face those challenges and end up with a coherent business. Plus he's funny, so that helps lessen the pain of his refusal to promise "easy" 😀

(Also, a heads up in case you haven't listened to Fabeku before; he says "fuck"... like, a LOT. According to the transcript, he said it 43 times in fact. So I would advise caution if you're listening around young children or impressionable animals ???? )

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One of the less-obvious challenges of building a thriving, sustainable business that ALSO makes the world a better place, is believing that it's even possible.

That's why I'm gathering together some of the most wonderful and amazing entrepreneurs I know - seriously Badass Bleeding Hearts - to share stories of their own business building journeys, so that you can see just how wonderfully possible it really is (and that everyone struggles, not just you).

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