Episode 02: Chris Zydel

Wild Heart Queen, glitter covered Baba Yaga with a paintbrush, intuitive painting facilitator

Chris Zydel is the Wild Heart Queen - weilding wisdom, slinging paint, and luring unsuspecting truth-seekers to the depths of their soul with promises of glitter.

Having been self-employed for pretty much ever, she has some stories to tell (including a few juicy tidbits about her background that I never knew before our interview!)

In our conversation together we discuss business as personal development, the scary parts of building a business, the fact that they never really go away, how that's kind of a good thing, and the power that comes from facing the fear and coming through the other side.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

About the Series

One of the less-obvious challenges of building a thriving, sustainable business that ALSO makes the world a better place, is believing that it's even possible.

That's why I'm gathering together some of the most wonderful and amazing entrepreneurs I know - seriously Badass Bleeding Hearts - to share stories of their own business building journeys, so that you can see just how wonderfully possible it really is (and that everyone struggles, not just you).

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