• Want need to make a difference in the world… but you also need to make a living, and you aren’t quite sure how to do both.
  • Are open to possibility, and trying new things… but you refuse to play games or pretend to be someone else in order to “be successful.”
  • Aren’t afraid of hard work… but you’d like to work smart so all that hard work isn’t wasted.
  • Are tired of struggling and worrying that you’re “not good enough.”
  • Are ready to be supported in the work you do.


  • Am fired up by working with creative dreamers, helping them follow their own yearning to make a difference… and helping them do it in a way that supports every aspect of their lives.
  • Love to help people change the stories that hold them back… but will never ever try to tell you that you need to change.
  • Believe firmly that a thriving business starts with you… which means that building your business starts with understanding who you are, how you work best, and what you need to thrive.
  • Recognize that “success” is meaningless if you have to sacrifice the things (and people) most important to you in the process.


I would say that “together, it’s magic” – but really, it’s so much better than magic! We won’t be praying for outcomes, or “visualizing success” and hoping it magically appears.

What we create together is beautiful and amazing, but it’s also carefully crafted and constantly tested … and highly unlikely to release a horde of goblins on the unsuspecting populous.

Ways to work with me

One on One

Into the Alembic

An alchemical journey to distill the essence of you, your calling, and your business. Just like creating the perfect blend of essential oils, we'll cook up a recipe tailor-made for you and your goals. Because "one size fits all" formulas are just like "one size fits all" clothes - they really don't work for anyone.

Duration: 3 months
Price: $3850

Whip It!

Not all problems need ages to fix. Sometimes you just need a quick shot of momentum to propel you and your business forward. (No actual whipping involved, think Roller Derby, not Dominatrix... that costs extra.)

Duration: 75 minutes
Price: $250

Group Work


Gatherings via phone, wherein I say all the things you aren't supposed to say about building a business and doing good in the world. Topics vary but can generally be expected to have absolutely nothing to do with "typical / traditional" business advice. Because let's face it, most of that shit is so last century!

Duration: ~90 minutes each, held semi-monthly
Price: $27 each


Hands-on workshops led by myself and occasional guest teachers. In the manner of old French workshops, we'll work side by side to delve deep into a particular subject and create beautiful works of {business} art - though unlike the traditional Atelier, these will be released in your name, not mine.

Duration: Varies, ~4 - 8 weeks each
Price: Varies