Welcome Escapee!

me_bgThank you for taking the time to visit! I’m thrilled that you’re here; Pam is one of my favorite people in the world, and the fact that you came from her site is a good indication that you’re pretty awesome as well.

So now that you’re here, let me tell you a little about the site.

The short & sweet version; I help awesome people build awesome businesses.

More specifically? I help awesome people who just happen to be Multi-Passionate Introverts create awesome, successful businesses that play to their strengths and give them the power to live their dreams.

So if you…

  • Are an artist, coach, creative, or healer (or, more likely, some combination of these, and possibly more)
  • Want to do what you love, love what you do… and make a living doing it
  • Cringe at the thought of having to “network”
  • Dread the idea of “marketing”
  • Couldn’t possibly spend the rest of your life doing Just One Thing

I’m here to help!

You see, I’m a Multi-Passionate Introvert myself.

I’ve built a number of businesses, and I’ve learned some pretty hard lessons trying to follow typical business advice. Which, it turns out, is pretty good advice if  you’re an extrovert who wants to be super focused on just one thing.

But typical business advice isn’t built for us. In fact, it kind of sucks for those of us who aren’t extroverts and specialists.

Which is why I’m all about a different kind of business; one that gives you the space to incorporate multiple areas of interest, a business that thrives on the type of deep connections that introverts excell at.

A business that incorporates your strengths, and allows you to create your own version of success!

In February, I’m holding a 3-part series of free webinars on Building a business you’ll love (as opposed to one you’ll hate)!

Much of traditional business advice says to study the market, and then build your business around either an unmet need or whatever it is people are asking for.

Which seems to make perfect sense… until you find yourself running a business you hate, stressed out by trying to manage services and market products in ways that are ill-suited to your nature.

This three part series will introduce you to the questions you need to answer in order to build that business to suit you – so that you can love the business you build!

Click here to read more and join me for this free series!