The power – and necessity – of community

hands together

{Cross posted from Facebook, in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting} I don’t really watch / read the news, so FB tends to be where I first hear about the latest and greatest tragedies facing our world… Hurricanes. Fires. Earthquakes. State-sanctioned police brutality against voters. Mass shootings. It’s hard for anyone to take in…

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Investing in your business pt. 2 – Where to put your money

Tuesday we talked a bit about the importance of investing in your business. It’s a tough subject, especially for new and developing business owners. Hell, let’s be honest, anything to do with money is tough, for pretty much everyone. So I’m proud of you for sticking with it. You totally get points for coming back for…

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Investing in your business – The psychology of spending

We’ve been talking about money lately, and the importance of investing in your business. We discussed some guidelines on how to invest in your business, and where to put your money. But there’s still a big challenge facing us; getting over the fear of spending money. Getting out of the space of I can’t afford…

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Would you invest in your business?

  Money is scary stuff, especially for new and developing business owners. You don’t have a whole lot of free money to spend on unnecessary expenses, and are more familiar with terms like ‘shoestring budget’ then ‘money is no object.’ *Actually, this is where the term “bootstrapping” comes from; bootstrapping entrepreneurs are those who are almost…

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Even Life Coaches need motivational help

One of the hardest parts of being a small business owner human is dealing with the bullshit stories running through our heads. Seriously, nothing will screw you up faster than listening to the stories that say you can’t, you shouldn’t, you’ll never be able to. You’d think that certain people would have moved beyond this…

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Forget about success vs failure, focus on the data

A friend recently posted something on her Facebook about dealing with feelings of failure, and it spawned a bit of a soapbox moment for me. I’m going to share what I said here as well, because I think this is super important stuff. I think the whole “failure/success” thing is bullshit. I prefer to think…

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